Fathers day at Harefield care homeHC-One’s The Harefield care home held a small affair for Fathers Day this year as Residents celebrated it within the home together.

Colleagues purchased Residents their favourite drinks, including a can of fosters for one particular Resident, Philip, as this was his favourite beer as a young man.

Colleagues also participated in some meaningful reminiscence with Residents as they spoke of their fathers fondly, with Philip speaking of how much of a mentor his father was, as he support him in running his own decorating business.

Philip remarked at how much his father had taught him, shaping him into the man he is today. Another Resident, Judith, remarked at how she was always taught to do her best by her father.

Home Manager, Mary Nadeem, commented: “It’s lovely to hear these pleasant stories from Residents, what lovely memories they all have.”