Festival of Light celebrations for Caerphilly ResidentsToday Colleagues at Church View care home, in Caerphilly, decided to have a Diwali three ‘o’ clock stop. 

The Residents, including Christina Gadd, Enid Evans, Maureen Templeman, Mary Probert, Joyce Phillips and Wilma Llewellyn, had sat down and discussed what Diwali meant to them, and others. The theme of light taking over dark, and joy taking over sadness was something that meant a lot to them during these uncertain times.  

The home’s wellbeing team, including Marie Mills, remarked, “We decorated our main windows, which looked beautiful with the sun coming through, and had a massive disco ball which lit up nearly two entire rooms. It was awesome to look at!”

Headbands were made with Rangoli patterns and everyone had some tea and a slice of a trifle cheesecake that was decorated with all bright colours. 

“Very enjoyable!” One Resident commented. 

A highlight of the afternoon was being able to formally introduce the New Home Manager, Ellen Smith. This was an opportunity to welcome her properly to Church View.  

All in all, it was a bright and shiny afternoon

Throughout the day, the positive comments came flooding in from individuals Residents:

“Look at how bright the room is.”  
“What a lovely festival to encourage and celebrate.” 
“Can we all have a disco ball each?” 
“What a lovely way to welcome Ellen into our home!”