Fire Service visit Brixworth care home to make resident’s wish come trueA resident from HC-One’s Pytchley Court care home, in Brixworth, Northampton, had an extra special Christmas present this year when Moulton Fire Service Firefighters turned up for a visit.  

Gwen Fenlon, who is 93, has always been interested in the fire service and every year has a calendar of them hanging on her wall. Gwen’s interest with the fire service started when she witnessed them saving a lady and a dog from an accident. 

Gwen remarked,
“They are brave and good at what they do! I do like good-looking young firemen too!”

This year with the help of Pytchley Court care home’s wellbeing team, Gwen’s wish of a visit from the local fire service came true. 

When colleagues at the residential, nursing and dementia care home found out about Gwen’s wish, they contacted the local fire service and invited them for a visit.

On Boxing Day, Gwen was delighted when members from the local Moulton Fire Service turned up. She enjoyed posing for photos with the Firefighters in front of the fire engine. She was also taken around the truck to see how it worked. 

Moulton Fire Service’s Watch Manager, Lee Dawson, even joined Gwen for a cup of tea and chat in her room. They had a lengthy discussion about where Gwen was born, the football teams she supports and her pets. Gwen spoke about Pytchley Court too and how all the staff look after her.

Gwen Fenlon, said:
 “This has made my day, my wish has come true, what a lovely surprise this has been.”

Emma Barwick, Deputy Manager at Pytchley Court, commented:
“After speaking to Gwen, she told me we have fulfilled her wish, she said she has made some friends with the firemen and looks forward to when they visit again.”

Sue Watson, Home Manager at Pytchley Court, stated:
“Here at Pytchley Court, we are passionate about delivering person-centred care, it was lovely to see Gwen so happy and elated and being able to make her wish come true.”

The Fire Service said that it was an honour to visit Gwen, and there is no need to thank them.