First football game of the season for Sheraton Court ResidentsTwo Residents from Sheraton Court care home in Hartlepool, went to the first home match of the season for Hartlepool United.

Bobby Sweeting and Derek Mitchell, Residents who live at the home hopped on the minibus to the Hartlepool United match, the first home game of the season, against Wimbledon.

Bobby who is avid football fan was thrilled to be going to the first match. He spent 37 years of his life as a football coach and manager for under 18’s then under 40’s. He still keeps in touch with some of the lads he used to coach, some are as far afield as Singapore and Australia.

Bobby, said, “They need a striker up front to help.” He is keen to get involved in the game and talk tactics.

Derek is more of rugby fan although he was excited to be out at the match. He enjoyed the atmosphere and had a great day out.

Both staff members Natasha Hunter and Bradley Wise volunteered on their day off to the men to the match and were happy Hartlepool came away with one point even though the score was 0-0. 

Natasha, commented, “The smiles on both their faces and the genuine joy that going to a match brought them means so much, I can’t wait to go again.”

Bobby and Derek both enjoyed speaking with the police offers on duty at the Victoria Ground, whilst enjoying a pint of Guinness.

Bobby and Derek, remarked, “I thoroughly enjoyed the day out even though Pools didn’t play well the first half! I had a brilliant day.”

Carole Thomson, Care Home Manager, said, “It was a great day out for both Bobby and Derek, they absolutely loved it.”