Former dog show competitor over the moon with care home poochYesterday, one of the Residents at Springwater Lodge care home, in Calverton, discussed with Colleagues how she would love to see a dog… so guess what happened?

Janet Ledger has had dogs throughout her life and even competed in dog shows over the years. She misses having a dog, so Colleague Katie simply had to do something. 

Katie made Janet’s dreams come true and asked Kitchen Assistant Myles to bring his dog, Blake, into Springwater Lodge for Janet to have some much-needed snuggly cuddles. Janet was absolutely over the moon as she walked round the garden with the pretty pooch and gave Blake plenty of fuss and treats. 

Janet said, “It’s made my day, he’s a lovely dog! So much better than an ankle biter!”

Katie commented, “This really made Janet so happy and made the whole thing worth it.”