Four Seasons Resident AmbassadorAt Bolton’s Four Seasons residential, nursing and memory care home, one Resident has taken on a very special role, and everyone is over the moon!

Resident Ronnie Gregory has taken up a new role at Four Seasons as ambassador for the home. He meets and greets new Residents like Carol Craddock (both pictured), when they enter the home. 

He then sits with them to tell them how things run and makes them feel at ease. Everyone thinks it is lovely to have someone to chat to as it was a big decision to make moving into a care home. 

One of Ronnie’s fellow Residents remarked, “Ronnie is a great character and loves to have a chat and put people at ease!”

Julie Valentine, Care Home Manager, commented, “When Ronnie suggested this I thought what a great idea, not only does Ronnie feel valued but new Residents are put at ease.”

“Lovely gesture from a lovely man. Keep up the great work Ronnie!”