Frank enjoys his 100th birthday party at Sheffield care homeThere wasn't a dry eye at HC-One’s Swallownest residential and nursing care home, in Sheffield, when much-loved Resident Frank turned 100 years young. 

Frank Robins, pictured, was able to enjoy a family barbecue to celebrate the special day. 

Frank served in the Royal Air Force and the Canadian Air Force in his youth as a Flight Mechanic. Frank tells Colleagues he is very proud to have reached 100 years and he says this is due to the fact that he’s had a fantastic life that has treated him very well. 

He was born and raised in Parsons cross where he met and married his wife. Together they welcomed daughters Janet and Lynn of whom he is very proud. Frank was the son of a police man and is one of six children.

Being 100 obviously makes Frank a very wise man, as such his advice to others is, ‘mind your own business’. This is because Frank says people will make their own decisions and you should let them do so without judgment. He also says you should take the rough with the smooth! 

Frank loved his card from the Queen and enjoyed the lovely cake made to commemorate his time in the RAF, as well as the white wine which was served. 

Amanda Fields, Care Home Manager, remarked, “Frank is an important part of our community, we love him dearly. We were so pleased he could enjoy his special day with his family.”