Garden centre trip for Newton care home ResidentsOn 25th November, Residents of the Sycamores residential and residential memory care home, in Hyde, enjoyed a trip out to see some Christmas displays at Bents Home and Garden store. 

Bill Saunders, Lillian Bird and Joyce Lee were taken on a drive in the home’s minibus, driven by Chrism to the Warrington based garden centre.

Whilst on the journey, everyone enjoyed a sing-along with music from the 1940's through to the 1970's. 

Bill commented, “It’s wonderful to be out on the bus!”

Once arrived at the destination, everyone was very excited to be outdoors. 

Bill expressed his love for Christmas displays and stated how wonderful everything was. 

Lillian said how beautiful the Christmas decorations are and made funny comments throughout the day. She discussed how she would wait till boxing day to purchase anything as it would be less than half price!

Joyce took a keen interest in the decor on the different trees, especially the artificial flowers and light displays.

After the walk around the store, they had a light snack on the minibus, including mince pies.

Arriving back at the home was perfect timing for an afternoon of tea and cake. The celebrations were to say ‘congratulations’ to Wellbeing Coordinator Renee on her new job. 

Wellbeing Coordinator Natasha Travis commented, “Looks like we had a fantastic time with the picture we had took whilst we were out!"

“Renee will be sadly missed, and we are all grateful for everything she has done for our home and Residents. best wishes for her and her future.”