Garden clean-up with Peterborough ResidentsThis month at The Elms in Peterborough, which provides residential, nursing, nursing dementia and residential dementia care, Colleagues and Residents have been giving the outside area a good tidy up.
With the turn of the new year, Residents are beginning to put plans into action for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons. They had previously been given £200 in winnings from last year’s garden competition HC-One had put on and wanted to get some materials together. Planning has begun on what they would like to grow and how its going to be displayed, so wellbeing Colleagues have gone and bought the seeds Residents would like. 

Residents also wanted a greenhouse for growing a range of different vegetables, and a little shed where they could store all their tools and equipment in. Both of these were sourced through eBay and should arrive within the next week. 

Colleagues and Residents are very much looking forward to this year’s competition and a change in the weather. They have big plans for the garden club and are excited to get their new greenhouse and shed put together. 

Kevin, a Resident at The Elms said he was looking forward to having an even better show of pretty flowers and is quite excited to enter the competition again. 

Belinda, the Home Manager went on to say, “It’s nice to see the Residents looking forward to the spring after such a long and hard winter. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!”