George the Hippo comes to Lomond CourtThis week at Lomond Court in Fife, which offers nursing dementia care, Residents had a visit from a special charity shop hippo.

Lomond Court Residents recently had a visit from ‘George’ the hippo, who usually resides in a charity shop in the Glenrothes Kingdom shopping centre. ‘Love Oliver’ the children’s charity have recently become one of Lomond Court’s community partners and was founded by a young boy’s mother who set up the charity after her son was diagnosed with cancer when he was just a couple of days old.  Love Oliver funds vital research into childhood cancer and provides a range of invaluable practical support to families affected by it. 

After discussing with the Lomond Court Residents, everybody agreed they would do all they could to help raise awareness and funds for this extraordinary worthwhile charity. To this end, they were delighted to have George the Hippo with them for 3 days, and as can be seen in the photo, the Residents loved having him around! There are ongoing discussions between Residents and Colleagues about ways they can support the Love Oliver charity. 

Jean, one of the Residents involved said she enjoyed the Hippo and was cute, Fenella however, thought the hippo was ridiculous, but did enjoy petting him as she knew he wouldn’t bite! 

Robert, the Wellbeing Coordinator commented afterwards, “Residents had a fun day and the staff also really enjoyed it! Especially when we could all have photos with George”.