Glasgow care home Colleagues give back to the community with huge food bank donationColleagues at HC-One’s Quayside care home in Glasgow have, for the last two months, been collecting food for a Christmas donation to their local Trussell Trust foodbank. 

The local foodbank in Glasgow is run by volunteers at Blawarthill Church and has served the local community well in times of need. After the help they received from the community during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, Colleagues at the home decided to give back to the community that helped them through their tough time.

Colleagues at Quayside have donated 100’s of tins and packets of food, from corned beef to kidney beans and were able to deliver them to the foodbank on December 4th for those who need it most over Christmas.

Anne McDade, wellbeing coordinator at Quayside said: “I was going to donate some things myself and then I thought staff at Quayside would help out, and they haven’t let me down.”

Despite being a horrible year for everyone, the wonderful staff Quayside were only glad to help out the local community. Residents in the home were so proud of the staff and praised them on such a huge effort, “what a fantastic gesture, it is truly a great donation,” said one Quayside Resident.

Liz Campbell, Home Manager at Quayside said: “What a great donation from Team Quayside, I am so proud to be a part of this team.”