Go on… I dare you! From Balfarg care homeColleagues and Residents at Balfarg care home in Glenrothes, which offers residential, nursing and memory care, have launched a new club called the ‘Truth or Dare Club’. 

The club is to take place once a month and has Residents pick and choose cards at random which will have either truth questions or dare activities. 

If Residents pick a truth card they could be asked about their first kiss, their pets or where they went to school. 

Lovely stories were shared as a result of the truth cards, allowing everyone to get to know each other better and really learn about the fellow Residents’ lives. 

Dare cards chosen on the day included pinning the tail on the donkey whilst blindfolded for Alan, balancing a spoon on her nose for Liz, and Helen and Jimmy had to wear a big blonde wig. 

Jimmy’s friend had come to visit him for the day of truth and dare, and commented that it was ‘like Dolly Parton had come out to see him!’

Care Home Manager, Kyle Keith, said: “The sounds of hilarity coming from our activity lounge told us that this club was going down well. The stories gave us great insight into the lives of our residents and a great time was had by all.”

The residents had a great time throughout the club, and could be heard laughing with each other as they learnt more and had to complete silly tasks. 

Whilst playing, Resident Tootsie Sobzack commented that she had ‘never really told a lie, just bent the truth a little…’ and Bea Henderson said that the day had been an ‘absolute hoot!’ 

The Residents and staff at Balfarg are very much looking forward to their next round of truth or dare!