Golf enthusiasm encourages Falkirk Residents to try the perfect puttOne of our Residents at Kinnaird Manor, general nursing and memory care home, has been encouraging his fellow Residents to pick up a golf club and try a bit of putting. 

Mr David “Dave” Gemmell is an avid golfer, so this week after watching the masters in Augusta, the home decided to host their own little tournament.

The scenery wasn't quite as nice as the PGA, but those who took part had good fun.

One Colleague described, “We chose our location outside the arts and crafts room where there is a small seating area so that we could have some spectators.”

Dave needed no encouragement to take his turn and showed that even though he hadn't played in a long time, he hadn't lost the knack.

Dave remarked, “It's good fun when lots of people join in.”

Colleagues were eager to take a turn and some were better than others, see pictured Residents and Colleagues David G, Ann E, Brian M, Darcy M, Heather K, Veronica S and Julie S.

The Residents enjoyed playing, cheering when anyone putted a ball and giving shouts of encouragement to those who weren't so good.

Ann, who lives at Kinnaird Manor, commented, “I didn't think I'd be very good because my eyesight’s not what it used to be, so I’m amazed that I managed to putt the ball in the hole.”

Veronica, Nurse, said, “This was a great idea, it’s nice to see everyone being so encouraging and taking part.”