Great Lever Resident watches fireworksOne Resident at HC-One’s Meadow Bank House residential and nursing care home, in Bolton, has made miraculous progress since joining the home and was thrilled to be outside on bonfire night, watching the fireworks. 

Resident Margaret Kilburn, has unfortunately not been able to get out of her bed for a year and her previous care home couldn’t accommodate this, hence her need to move to Meadow Bank House. Since being at the home, she has been supported in and out of a chair and able to take part in lots of fun activities. 

Being a lover of fireworks, Margaret’s daughter, Mia, was determined to do something wonderful for Bonfire Night, and Colleagues at the home were only too happy to support.  

Mia was thrilled to see her mum up in a chair and outside watching the fireworks. 

Margaret was fixated by the fireworks and not fazed by the noise at all, while other Residents watched from the lounge. 

Fellow Residents Maureen and Betty commented, “They were fantastic,” and “The were brilliant, what a surprise!” 

Home Manager, Jane, commented, “It was very rewarding to be able to do this for Margaret, she was mesmerised by the fireworks. It was beautiful.”