Greater Manchester care home Residents watch Virgin galactic flightAt Dukinfield’s residential care home, The Beeches, Residents watched the recording of billionaire Richard Branson fly to space aboard his own ship.  

Residents enjoyed watching the short video as it was something of history and was quite interesting (certainly not something we see every day!”. 

Alongside watching the video, Sade Smith, who is the home’s Wellbeing Coordinator, read information from the internet on why this was happening. The conversation followed on through dinnertime. 

Kath, who is a Resident at the Beeches, commented “It’s amazing what you can find to show us, it was interesting and seeing the rocket fly was something you don’t see every day!”

Gladys, who also lives at the home, added, “It was something interesting to show us.”

Sade remarked, “I first read about this when my children were given it for homework and we watched it together and thought it was interesting. So, I asked if the ladies wanted to see it also and some were shocked that it was actually Richard Branson himself in the rocket!”