Greenways Court care home Residents take trip to local museumResidents from Greenways Court, residential and residential dementia care home, in Consett, took a trip to a local museum which they had never been too before.

The Oriental Museum in Durham is somewhere the Residents have never been before. Another Wellbeing Team to Greenways Court about the trip they had recently been on and as it was just stone throw away, it was a perfect opportunity to pay a visit.

Residents, Eric Slater, Ted Baldwin, Rena Adamson, Sue Earlam, Vince Sullivan, David Bickle, John Forman, Maureen Urwin, and Catherine Kirkley took a trip to The Oriental Museum on the minibus.

Colleagues had to encourage a couple of the Residents to move along as they were reading everything they came across, soaking up the new information and learning about lots of different cultures and history. 

The Residents were smart and knew this information would be coming up on the next quiz, so they wanted to learn as much as possible.

It was great day had by all, the Residents laughed about it, they so love to collect knowledge, and after the visit they said they had enjoyed it. David, loved it so much he said, “I would love to come back here sometime soon.”

Kinga Kowaliczek, General Site Manager, remarked, “The Residents had such a lovely day and were so keen to learn about everything the museum had to offer.”