Grimsby care home enjoy mince pie tasting afternoonResidents at HC-One’s Clarendon Hall care home in Grimsby were treated to a mince pie tasting session recently, to see which ones the Residents like most for Christmas.

On the 4th December, Colleagues treated Residents to a lovely mince pie tasting afternoon, hosting a variation of the game ‘The Price is Right’, which they called ‘The Pies Are Right.’

Various mince pies were purchased from different local shops. They were labelled A-F and Residents had the fun task of ranking them from the best to the worst, whilst trying to guess the shop from where the pie was bought and the price of the pie along the way.

"Oh, can I have some more of that one, it’s yummy,” said Robin, a Resident at Clarendon Hall.

With Christmas music playing in the background, this has really kickstarted the festive atmosphere at the home, even the staff have joined in too, especially when they discovered that one contained a small amount of gin!

Residents enjoyed the afternoon and looking out for the finer details on the pies to assess the prices. Tasting sessions like this can be really beneficial for Residents as it dictates that they use their senses to taste and feel the food.