Guisborough care home pay respect to Her Majesty The QueenResidents and Colleagues at Park House, residential and residential dementia, care home in Guisborough, have been paying their respects to Her Majesty The Queen. 

Many Residents at the care home were saddened by the news that Her Majesty The Queen had sadly passed away.

Some of the Residents are veterans who said they were very proud of the service of their Queen and the country. 

A book of condolences was displayed for both Residents and Colleagues to write messages in memory of The Queen. The Residents who were unable to write the messages themselves gave heartfelt words to the Colleagues to add into the book for them.

The book has been passed on to local MP Simon Clarke, who will be taking it to London on his next trip.

It has been a very moving time for everyone, but it reminded the Residents of the time Her Majesty The Queen has spent on the throne and the work she did for her people.

One of the Residents, commented, “Her Majesty The Queen is a truly special lady and she will never be forgotten.”

Julie Woods, Care Home Manager, remarked, “It clearly meant a lot to our Residents for them to be able to put their thoughts down on paper.”