Hailsham care home team up with ‘Incredible Eggs’ for EasterHC-One’s Hailsham House care home in Hailsham, which offers, residential, nursing and dementia services, have teamed up with Incredible Eggs South East and together have hatched four chicks for the home. 

Eggs, incubator and brooding cage were provided by Incredible eggs and after days of stillness and silence from the egg incubator, it was early on Easter morning that wobbles and cracking could be seen from across the room, from inside the incubator. 

Residents had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the chicks and that same day four would hatch. The first to hatch was a cockerel named Bob and he was soon followed by his three sister chicks, Snap, Crackle and Pop. 

Betty Martin, a Hailsham Resident, who used to look after chickens when she was younger, said: “I used to have chickens when I was growing up and now I get to help look after them again, I really do love them.”

The arrival of the chicks has brought smiles to all of the home and everyone cannot wait to watch them grow.

Hailsham House Home Manager, Catherine Brewster said: “It has been a wonderful experience hatching these chicks at Hailsham House. They have really made an excellent addition to the home and everyone is so happy with their arrival.

Incredible Eggs are providers of chick, duckling and grey partridge hatching kits for schools, care homes and nurseries and also educate people on preservation and wildlife conservation.