Hairdressing and trips out for the Beeches ResidentsThis February at the Beeches care home, in Dukinfield, which offers residential care, Residents have been very busy sporting new haircuts and taking trips out. 

14th February was a great day as the home welcomed back their hairdresser after almost two years. 

Hairdresser Natalie was welcomed back to lots of happy smiles, and everyone was so happy to see her back in the home. 

The ladies enjoyed having their hair done and chatting away with Natalie.

Sade Smith, Wellbeing Coordinator, “Today was a very good day at the Beeches as we welcomed our hairdresser back, it’s been nice to see the ladies have their hair done as they used to have.”

On 16th February Residents Gladys and Mavis. enjoyed a trip to the local shopping centre. This is the first time the ladies have been shopping for a while and they had a great day!

Mavis enjoyed coming shopping, she was able to buy all her toiletries herself and looked at some new clothes. Gladys was also happy to be out and treated herself to some sweets. 

The ladies finished their trip out with a nice warm drink and a cake, and a lovely drive home, chatting all the way. 

Mavis commented, “It’s been so nice to get out and buy my own things, staff and family have been helping but it’s nice to come out and buy the things I like.” 

Gladys added, “It’s been lovely to get come and get fresh air, thank you for bringing me.”

Sade added, “It’s so nice to take the Residents out again and see them so happy and gaining some independence back as well.”