Happy 100th birthday to Resident at Leicester care homeEustace Smith, a Resident at HC One’s Grey Ferrers care home, celebrated his 100th birthday on the 17th November. 

Rev. Eustace Smith, had a lovely day at the Leicester care home for his big birthday. 

Unfortunately it wasn’t the big party the home had planned due to the Covid restrictions in place, however it was still made as special as possible. 

The Staff on the Bradgate unit did not let this deter them. Sue Chamberlain, the homes wellbeing coordinator, arranged with Eustace’s family a scheduled window visit and virtual visits. These were extremely well received and welcomed, as the home couldn’t let this special day go by without family involvement. 

The whole of the unit was decorated to celebrate, including a special room where family could enjoy the widow visit. 

The Queen’s telegram was opened with staff present and read to Eustace. He absolutely loved his Aston Villa cake and themed cupcakes too!

Danielle Hallam, one of the homes care assistants, had made a handmade personalised blanket and towel for Eustace. Eustace’s family were overwhelmed by the effort made by all the staff to make this important day special. 

Copies of Eustace’s special card from the Queen will be made and sent to the family as a keep sake. 

Family later sent in thank-you cards for the staff and said despite these hard times they really made a special day for Eustace 100th Birthday. 

Colleagues are still awaiting a promised card from Aston Villa for a diehard fan and season ticket holder!! Family say if that isn’t received they are cancelling the season ticket. 

Eustace also had a surprise visit from the emergency services that were on site at the time, whom wanted to wish Eustace a happy 100th birthday. 
The home manager said “It such a shame that we weren’t able to throw Eustace a big party as we had planned , but we understand the severity of the circumstances we all find ourselves in at present. 

Despite this the staff on Bradgate unit ensured Eustace and his family could enjoy and celebrate his special birthday. It also makes me so proud to work with such caring staff when they go above and beyond like Danielle making a personalised keepsake. It really was a lovely day. You could have almost forget about everything else going on in the world.”