Harley Grange have an EGG-cellent time with the welcome of two new pet chicksThis month Residents at Harley Grange, a residential and nursing care home in Leicester, have enjoyed some pet therapy in the form of chicks.

Using the help and services of livingeggs.co.uk, the Leicester-based care home were able to hatch their very own chickens in July. 

Residents and staff were tasked with the project to look after the eggs for two weeks. All Residents got involved in this activity and found great comfort handling the chicks once they were born.

Everyone at Harley Grange participated in the care for the chickens and even families of Residents got involved. Many asked about the chickens on visits and thoroughly enjoyed the pictures of them in the homes visiting room.

Staff even used the chicks as a wonderful opportunity to have a chicken themed week which saw the home complete a chicken quiz, children bingo and even to create chicken drawings.

All of these activities were a great way to involve Residents but also to create memories. Some Residents have become very attached to these animals, whether that be because they owned them when they were younger or they knew someone that did. 

Harley Grange Resident, Roger, said: “They are sweet little things.” Jennifer, another Resident of the Home, also shared that she hopes to draw one of the chickens in the future.”

Conveniently situated in Leicester, Harley Grange is an attractive, purpose-built care home with 34 beds, offering residential and nursing care.