Harvest Festival donations from Boston care home to local animal shelterThis month at Elmwood House in Boston, which provides residential and nursing care, Residents and Colleagues have prepared a donation box for a local animal shelter.

Each year Elmwood House collects for the Harvest Festival and donated to the local church and homeless shelter. This year staff wanted to do something different, and everybody decided to try donating to the animal shelter. 

Over the months, Colleagues and Resident collected dog and cat food, treats, toys and blankets to give to their furry friends.

Amber, the Wellbeing Coordinator, took the items to Jerry Greens in Boston, which is a local animal shelter. They were very grateful for the donations and told them that the animals will love them!

One Resident said, “its very kind and thoughtful to do this” and another went on to say, “what a wonderful job everyone has done”. 

Tracey, the Home Manager said, “Its such a thoughtful donation from the Residents and staff – I am so proud of them all”.