Hatching chicks at Park House care homeResidents at Park House, residential and residential dementia care home, in Guisborough, have recently been looking after baby chicks.

Once again, Park House has participated in the Living Eggs Programme. An incubator was delivered with 10 fertilised eggs. The incubator was set up and heated up to the right temperature before each of the eggs were placed inside.

The first egg began to crack on the third day and after three days all of fluffy chicks were hatched from their eggs. 

This year there was six girls and four boys.

Each of the Residents sat for hours watching them hatch and fluff up so they could be transferred to the brood box. The chicks received lots of cuddles and handling in the two weeks they were at Park House. The Residents who are cared for in bed were brought a chick to their room for a cuddle too!

One Resident, commented, “It is a wonderful thing to be involved in and seeing new life evolve.”

Julie Woods, Care Home Manager, added, “The chicks bring so much joy to the Residents and they look forward to this event each year.”