Hatching ducklings at Summerhill care homeResidents at Summerhill, residential, nursing and dementia care home in Kendal, have taking part in a very special programme over Easter.

The care home took part in a incredible egg hatching programme over the past couple of weeks. This involved Residents and Colleagues hatching eggs from an incubator and caring for the ducklings once they were hatched.

Lots of the Residents were so excited for the ducklings to hatch so they could give them a stroke and cuddle. They were so fluffy and the Residents loved them. The ducklings were named Poppy, Jemima, Charlie, Dave, and Pingu.

Sean, Wellbeing Coordinator, couldn’t let the ducks go so he adopted them all until they are old enough to be adopted by the local farm. The Residents were thrilled with this news and they are excited to visit the farm to see their 5 new friends.

Both Colleagues and Residents made a great bond with the ducklings and are excited to watch them grow. The Residents were also amazed at how each of the ducklings changed in just a couple of days.
Kathleen Dean, Care Home Manager, commented, “The impact the ducks have had on our Residents wellbeing has been great, everyone has spent time with the ducks and grown to love them.”