Hayes care home celebrates International Nurses DayHC-One’s Aston House Care Home in Hayes, Middlesex, is celebrating their Nursing Leaders of the past, present and future on International Nurses’ Day which takes place on Sunday 12th May 2024. 

Whilst nursing practice has changed and evolved drastically over the years, Nurses of the past and present share many of the same similarities which is that they are highly skilled professionals, providing a crucial service through delivering person-centred quality care, expertise, and kindness. 

Reflecting on nursing days of the past, 87-year-old resident Alice Emamalie, who has been a resident at Aston House Care Home, since November 2018, shared stories of her nursing career with other residents and colleagues at the home. 

Alice spent the first 45-years of her life in Trinidad until the 1970s. In the 1980s, she lived in White City and in Perivale London. Alice always had a desire to be a Nurse from a very young age, she fondly remembers lining up the young children in her block and inserting twigs in their mouths as thermometers as part of a game they were playing.

Alice has lived an exciting and varied career as a Nurse, including working in the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Department at Ealing Hospital in the 1980s, as well as at different clinics in the White City area. 

Alice took a break from nursing for a couple of years when she had children to focus on family life, but then resumed working as a Nurse. Alice’s parents and two sons have always been very proud and supportive of her nursing career. 

When reflecting on her time as a Nurse and International Nurses’ Day, Alice Emamalie commented: 
“The best part about being a Nurse for me was the satisfaction you received following looking after someone and nursing them back to good health. I think International Nurses’ Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate all the hard work Nurses and Nursing Assistants do. 

“Nurses do such a good job in keeping people healthy and improving their quality of life. I would recommend young people consider studying nursing because it brings great joy. One thing I would empathise is that you must be dedicated to the job.”