HC-One Dovedale Court care home Resident learns new kitchen skillsA Dovedale Court care home Resident has finally had the opportunity to fulfil an ambition of working in a professional kitchen. 

Sydney Shemmans, 88, has been learning a range of culinary skills including how to prepare cakes, in his new role helping out in the HC-One care home’s kitchen every Friday morning. 

And after a couple of hours of hard but enjoyable work, Sydney took a well-earned break with a cup of tea and biscuit, chatting with his recently acquired work colleagues. 

Sydney did not have any formal kitchen experience but had previously helped his sister decorate special occasion cakes.

Sydney said after his first shift: “It was lovely to be working in the kitchen, my favourite moment was getting to check the melted chocolate which was delicious. I’m looking forward to doing it all again next Friday.”

Meanwhile, Head Chef Stephanie Leavesley, said: “We really enjoyed Syd’s company, it was really nice to see him laughing and getting involved. He has a real eye for detail and is a very quick learner.”

HC-One’s Home Manager Dawn Allen said: “We are delighted to facilitate this for Sydney. Helping Residents to learn new skills and develop their interests is something we are always pleased to do, and we look forward to trying more of Sydney’s delicious cakes.”