HC-One honour passionate nurses who make ‘real difference’ to residents’ lives on International NursHC-One care homes across the UK will celebrate International Nurses’ Day by acknowledging the achievements made in the nursing profession and thank nurses for the immense difference they make every day to the lives of residents and their loved ones.

HC-One will thank their nursing colleagues on Sunday, May 12, 2024, as they are pivotal to the delivery of efficient and quality care provision and expertise. 

At April Park Care Home in Eckington, Derbyshire, resident, Bernard Robinson, aged 92, recalled his own career as a nurse whilst working in the Armed Forces.

Bernard began his nursing career at the age of 18 when he enrolled into the army. Bernard helped fulfil a need during the Second World War - as the Army urgently needed nurses - where he travelled across the world.

He met different kinds of people, as he looked after the wounded and families where he was stationed. Bernard saw lots of carnage during the war. After the Second World War, he changed his career path by working on the railways and then became decorator.

Bernard Robinson, who has lived at April Park since November 2022, stated:
“I didn’t choose to become a nurse initially upon joining the Army, but I wouldn’t change it. I am proud of my service, and it made me the man, husband, and father I am today.

“You needed to be kind and patient to be a good nurse in the war and recognise the pain and agony the soldiers endured.”

At Newlands Care Home in Stockport, Cheshire, Simangele (Sima) Thanjekwayo, aged 54, moved from South Africa to England two years ago to work in the care sector.

Sima has been a nurse for 27-years after seeing her grandmother suffer in hospital with cancer. She saw how nurses worked with dedication, compassion, and respect, which motivated her to become part of the caregiving community.

Sima shadowed Registered Nurses at Newlands before passing her OSCE exam and she became a Registered Nurse in late-2022. In November 2023, Sima became Clinical Lead of the Cedar Community at Newlands, which cares for 21-residents.

Sima Thanjekwayo, Clinical Lead at Newlands Care Home, said:
“I am proud to be a nurse and I love working as part of the team at Newlands Care Home. The team’s spirit, culture and ethos are wonderful, my colleagues are fantastic, and residents are a pleasure to care for.

“I am passionate about caring for the elderly and I am proud of the positive impact that I make in the lives of others. I am a positive role model for my daughter who also works at Newlands.”

At St James’ Park Care Home in Bridport, Dorset, Senior Registered Nurse, Bijimol Stephen completed her revalidation process in December 2023 to maintain her registration with the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC).

The 55-year-old decided to become a nurse whilst at secondary school when her grandmother became was taken to hospital. She recalls the nurse who cared for her grandmother being very kind and caring with enthusiasm.

Bijimol has worked at St James’ Park since April 2020, and has been a nurse for 30-years. St James’ Park Home Manager, Mihaela Barbulescu - who has been a Registered Nurse for over ten years - supported Bijimol with her revalidation process.

Bijimol Stephen, Senior Registered Nurse at St James’ Park Care Home, commented:
“The most important thing is that everyone has their own wishes and preferences. I actively listen to each individual and respect their wishes.

“International Nurses’ Day celebrates the hard work of nurses around the world. We should honour each other by showing respect, appreciation and just simply saying thank you to nurses.”

James Tugendhat, Chief Executive Officer at HC-One, said:
“International Nurses’ Day is a wonderful time for us at HC-One to say thank you to all our nurses for what you do for our colleagues and all of us.

“This year’s International Nurses’ Day is about our nurses, our future, and the economic power of care. It’s great to see that the importance of social care within the broader health and care world is being recognised.”