Heaton Moor Residents interviewed by BBC Radio and talk about how the Queen must have lived like theNewlands care home, in Heaton Moor, Stockport, welcomed guests in from BBC Radio Manchester and Northwest Tonight on 20th April to interview and film some Residents and Colleagues, leading up to the King’s Coronation, due to take place at the beginning of next month.

The Residents involved in the filming, Barbara Moss, June Bailey, Susan Broadhurst, David Knight, Stanley Garnett and Dorothy Young spent time sharing their experience of Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation back in 1953.

Barbara Moss said, 
“In the past, I had often wondered how the Queen lived, and when I moved into Newlands I thought ‘This is it, this is how the Queen lived!’” 

Fellow Resident Stanley told everyone how he was actually present at the Queen’s Coronation, 
“I was amazed that when I actually saw it on TV, there was no rain aired, but it was raining very heavy.”

The camera man from BBC Radio Manchester and Northwest Tonight then went on to explain that rain cannot be seen on camera and on films and TV shows they add milk, so raindrops are visible on TV, this was to much amusement of everyone involved. 

It was a great experience for all Residents involved, who enjoyed reminiscing and talking about the Royal Family. Home Manager Melissa Johnson was also interviewed. 

Melissa Johnson, Home Manager at Newlands care home, stated:
“I was so proud of the Residents, they really held it together during their interviews, and when it was my turn, I turned to Jelly!”
“It was so lovely listening to the stories and especially how the ladies commenting how “radiant and beautiful” the Queen looked. We also got to speak about our upcoming plans for the Kings Coronation, which we hope everyone will love!”
“It was such an emotional morning just listening to the wonderful stories and having a glimpse of our Residents’ childhoods.”

The interview will air on the radio next week, leading up to the Coronation.