Hertfordshire Residents find wisdom in isolationThis month at River Court in Watford, which offers nursing, residential, residential memory care and nursing dementia care, Residents have been reflecting on their isolation period and what it has taught them. 

It’s always an unfortunate time when Colleagues and Residents face an outbreak in the home, but it has become somewhat a norm now across the world. One of the worse things to see is just as Residents get used to interacting and spending time together, they end up isolating in their rooms during an outbreak. However, everything isn’t so doom and gloom as activities are still taking place in their rooms. The wellbeing team are committed to making sure Resident’s wellbeing is good during this period. 

As Christmas is fast approaching, Residents and Colleagues have been shedding some wisdom regarding the festive season. They were given some time to think, and the Wellbeing Coordinator wrote down what wisdom they wanted to share. 

The wisdom they had to share was simple words, yet powerful in their meaning. A consensus amongst Residents was if they acted and implemented their wisdom, everybody would have a better Christmas. Their words have been framed and put up as decoration during the Christmas period, so that everyone can read them, and most importantly, reflect on them. 

Residents really enjoyed being able to speak their mind during these wisdom sessions, it allowed them to showcase who they are and what Christmas means to them. Joan, a Resident in Colne House said, “To be able to express yourself is always a beautiful thing” and Ioana, the Home Manager went on to say, “What a lovely activity, some of the words the Residents have said are truly lovely”.