Hinckley care home Residents sing Christmas carols and make decorationsChristmas tree decorations have been made, and Christmas carols have been sang at a service at the Willows residential and residential memory care home, in Hinckley. 

On 9th December, the Willows care home had their very own Christmas carol service with Residents and Colleagues. Before the singing commenced, they talked about their favourite Christmas carols and what it meant to them. 

A lot of Residents said the Christmas carols reminded them of when they went to Sunday School with their families and friends. 

When everyone was ready, they popped on a DVD with the words on and then away they went singing. 

Everyone involved, including Colin, Sally, Angela, Sylvia, Molly, Sheila, Marjorie and Jackie had a great time singing along to the carols and there were even a few guest appearances from the home’s Admin and Chef. 

Once the Residents had finished singing, they enjoyed a mince pie and a nice warm hot chocolate. 

Anna Nowak, Home Manager, said, “Everyone loved the singing, and it was a wonderful service for all.”

Also, this month, Residents at the Willows have had a busy couple of weeks making a range of different Christmas decorations. 

The Residents have used several different methods including sewing, colouring and gluing to create decorations for the home’s Christmas tree. They then decided where they would like their decoration to be placed on the tree. 

Residents particularly enjoyed picking their favourite decorations on the tree. 

Anne added, “Everyone at the Willows is very proud of their tree and we think it looks great!”