Hinckley Park care home Resident finds connections from her home townBetty Truelove, a Resident at Hinckley Park care home in Hinckley, Leicestershire is Scottish and proud of it, and has recently gained a connection with someone who lives in Dundee.

She moved to Hinckley to be with her husband, John and then moved in to the 35-bed residential and nursing care home.

Something that she'd always had at home was The People's Friend, the world's first women's magazine which is published up in her home country.

Well, unbeknownst to the Colleagues, one of our Relatives has a connection to the magazine and made a call to ask if they had any back copies. They did and were more than happy to send them from Dundee to Hinckley.

Everyone was so happy for Betty as she could get a little bit of her hometown brought to her new home. Betty, remarked, “I can't believe this! I've read this magazine my whole life.”

Betty was, to say the least, overwhelmed and over the moon. She said, “They'll keep me going until Christmas!”
A big thank you to the wonderful Hinckley Park community, The People's Friend and DC Thomson up in Dundee for such an amazing act of kindness!

Sukai Drammeh, Care Home Manager, said, “How amazing that Betty has received her favourite magazine and through a Relative here at the home!”