Hindley care home is getting ready to dance with NAPAColleagues at Carrington Court nursing care home, in Wigan, connected to other care homes and collectively learned a short dance sequence together today. 

A seated dance session was hosted by NAPA today with arts in care homes across the country via Zoom video call. This was the first National Day of Arts in Care Homes, with the events taking place on 24th September. 

Residents sat in their armchairs or wheelchairs and went through a sequence of short dance moves. 

There were four Residents involved including Mildred Holding, Margaret Woodcock, Sheila Bridgewood and Claire Barlo. Clare said that she enjoyed the day.

Margaret also added, “It was very good!”

Rebecca Asprey, Care Home Manager, commented, “They clapped, marched and snapped their fingers along to the music and it was lovely hearing everyone laughing together.”