Hop to it! With Hinckley Colleagues and ResidentsAt Hinckley Park in Leicestershire, which provides residential and nursing care, the annual egg and spoon race has taken place for Colleagues and Residents.
The egg and spoon race hosted each year has become sort of an unofficial tradition for Hinckley Park Residents. With spoons and fake eggs at the ready (real eggs for any staff joining in!) it’s a quick jaunt around the car park, or the corridors if the weather isn’t agreeable. This year the weather wasn’t so good so the corridors were cleared, and spotters were put in place to make sure that nobody was injured then it was “On your marks… get sett…. GO!”
The race itself is run in teams of two with the winners battling it out to win the “Good Egg” award. This year ended up with a neck and neck winners of Janet and Nancy, who were both more than happy to both be crowned “Good Eggs”.
Nancy went on to say, “it might be abit silly buts such good fun!” and Janet commented, “Wouldn’t miss this for the world, here’s to next year!” Other Residents also said they enjoyed the event and it allowed for burning off some energy by going fast.
Karen, the Home Manager said, “I love this event, Residents really enjoy the race. Well done to Karen and Nancy”.