Horsing around at Barnard Castle care homeResidents at HC-One’s Beaconsfield Court, residential care home in Barnard Castle, have recently enjoyed a fantastic visit from KL Pony Therapy.

Katy, the trainer and owner at KL Pony Therapy, recently brought Taz her American miniature horse to the care home. 

Taz started his visit in the lounge to meet some of the Residents who were relaxing downstairs. She then progressed to the bedrooms with trainer Katy and Wellbeing Coordinator Leanne, and carer Katy. Taz even got into the lift so Residents on the upper floors could meet her.

The Residents were absolutely delighted with Taz and some had never had the opportunity to see a horse close up, never mind give one a stroke. They were smitten as soon as they saw her.

Taz was amazing, calm, gentle and so patient, the residents were completely at ease with her presence and loved feeing her silky fur. A bucket was always close to hand for any emergencies, no need, luck was on our side, she was fantastic and stole the show!!

The Residents especially loved her flowered headband and sparkly green hooves.

Katy has obviously trained her horses well, and she does have more. As Taz had no issues whatsoever with going up in the lift and strolling around on the carpet and meeting strangers, so she is welcome back for a visit any time.

Laura Langridge, Care Home Manager, remarked, “Amazing and very therapeutic relaxing session. We are looking forward to our next visit.”