Huddersfield care home bake off timeResidents at HC One’s The Oakes care home held their very own bake off competition. 

Despite the cold dark mornings on Monday, the Huddersfield care home held a 'Bake off'.  

Slightly disappointing as there were only 2 entries, but 'oh my!' what amazing entries they were. The home manager and one of the senior carers went head to head with strawberries and chocolate galore.

Charlotte, the homes senior carer, presented a wonderful heart shaped sponge filled with pink strawberry flavoured butter cream. It had chopped strawberries with the same frosting, and whole strawberries and white chocolate shavings on top defining it in all its glory. 
Angie, the relief manager, presented a wonderful chocolate fudge cake that was filled with Nutella, had fudge flavoured frosting. It was also surrounded by milk and white chocolate fingers, mini fingers were scattered over the top and to finish it off a gold ribbon.

Everyone enjoyed testing the cakes and were very complimentary of how they tasted. 

It was the first time Charlotte had made a cake so Angie was very gracious and declared Charlotte the winner. Roll on the next session in December when the home has their international Christmas tasting session.