Huddersfield care home gains a furry new ResidentThere is a very welcome new fuzzy addition to HC-One’s The Denby care home in Huddersfield as a lady moves into the home with her pet dog.

The Denby Home Manager, Amelia Hallas, received a request a little while ago from a lady who was looking to move into the care home permanently. Her only sticking point was that she had an adorable pet dog named Benji with whom she couldn’t bear to be separated.

After some discussion and seeking the approval of the Area Director, it was agreed that not only the lady could take up residence at the home but Benji as well.

Residents and Colleagues alike were thrilled with the new additions to the home and the opportunity to make, not one, but two new friends.

One Resident commented: “What a little character he is. He’s such a welcome addition, maybe we can have one or two or three more!”

Benji and his owner have settled into life at their new home and both new Residents are a hit with everyone at The Denby. Benji likes to spend a little bit of his time with everyone but seems to have become very close with Home Manager, Amelia Hallas.

Amelia said: “As an animal lover myself it was lovely to be able to make this possible. Benji and I have certainly bonded.”