Humberston Residents experience Diwali and fireworksIt’s been a week of preparation and celebration at Clarendon Hall residential and nursing care home, just outside of Grimsby. Decorations were made for the traditional Diwali celebration and a Guy Fawkes was made for the home’s firework display.

For Diwali Residents made coloured lanterns and tasted foods that would have been eaten at this celebration. Wellbeing Coordinator, Hayley Sandison, then wowed everyone with some facts about the celebration. 

Everyone enjoyed learning about a different culture. 

For Bonfire Night, Colleague Ray Fields did a display that everyone enjoyed and then everyone had some tasty treats afterwards prepared by Chef Julie Williams.

One Resident commented, “Guy Fawkes is keeping an eye on everyone.”

Fellow Resident Mary Barratt said, “The fireworks were really good!”

Nicola Walker, Home Manager, added, “It was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves!”

See pictured Residents Mary Barratt and Sue Amos.