Huntingdon police surprise Residents and home receives Dunelm donationThis month, Manor House care home, in Huntingdon, have been building relationships (socially distanced of course) with members of the local community. 

Firstly, was the Wednesday Wave. As part of their mission to combat loneliness and isolation due to the pandemic, the Residents of Manor house were surprised with a special outdoor visit from the Huntington Police.

Spirits were raised when PCOS Tony and Rachel came to wave and cheer at the Residents to let them know that despite current times they are still out there for everyone.

Residents, including Emily, Margaret, Joan, Joyce and Val, were delighted to see them in full uniform and the squad car lights on. And chatted to them through the windows.

Colleague Jess remarked, “It was wonderful for the Residents to feel important and thought of by the community and we are very grateful for their time.”

“It’s made my day!” Resident Emily commented

Other Residents added; “My husband used to be a copper”

And, “It’s good they took the time to let us know we're not alone and safe.”

Home Manager, Bhekimpilo Perelion, said, “t was a real joy to see the police take time out of their days work to do a socially distanced outside visit to the Residents in the home.”

Furthermore, other activities have been happening at Manor House. Residents and Colleagues received donations from the local Dunelm Cambridge Store who have kindly donated two luxury prizes. 

Liza Laws, from the Dunelm Support Team, dropped off the donations of a popcorn maker and chocolate fountain for use at the home. 

Residents were so happy with the donations that they couldn't wait to use the chocolate fountain to dip marshmallows into the chocolate. Dunelm also offered to donate some Christmas presents to the Residents in the home, which is very generous of them.

“I like dipping marshmallows in chocolate,” commented Resident Winifred, “I must say your colleagues are extremely friendly! I enjoyed meeting them!”

Bheki added, “It was such a kind gesture. We can’t wait to use them!”

“Thank you for the lovely and generous donations this will boost our Residents wellbeing during lockdown.”