Hyde care home mark Remembrance DayOn the morning of 11th November, in respects of Remembrance Day, the staff at the Sycamores residential and residential memory care home, in Newton, rounded in the main lounge with the Residents for the two minutes silence. 

Those who were able to, stood tall in respects as they watched the annual service on the television which viewed on the big screen as the rest of world fell silent for several minutes. 

After the service was finished, everyone enjoyed a virtual show of their own, produced by Stormz Community, which was a combination of heart-touching performances and historic videos. 

A variety of singers and performances were shown including the famous acts such as ‘The Poppy Girls’, the famous song ‘We’ll Meet Again’ and other sing-songs sung by choirs and lovely voices of children. Those involved enjoyed watching clips and videos of historic war times and everybody’s heart was touched. 

One of the Residents said, “I really enjoyed today’s show, it touched my heart.”

The show brought a tear to many peoples’ eyes, including Colleagues and Residents but overall was a touching and moving service which everybody deeply enjoyed. 

After the show had ended, they enjoyed group discussions of memories about the war. 

Residents shared stories of when they served in the army, others how their parents and grandparents had served. 

Renee Bell, Wellbeing Coordinator, commented, “It was a great pleasure to listen to our older generation share stories and memoires of the struggles and smiles they have endured over the years.”

“We enjoyed watching the reefs be laid at the Cenotaph live from Westminster Abbey and listening to the trumpets and the National Anthem.”