I like to move it! Silverwood care home Residents enjoy workout with GfitnessResidents at HC-One’s Silverwood care home in Beeston, Nottingham, have enjoyed a recent workout to improve their physical and mental health. 

Sophie Reader, an instructor with Gfitness, who specially designs professional exercise classes to boost wellness for people living in care, visited Silverwood care home last week. During her visit she helped a group of ten Residents complete a range of chair-based strength and mobility exercises and movements to music which proved to be a big hit. 

The sessions are planned around something fun for the Residents to enjoy, all while maintaining or improving various aspects of their physical, and cognitive, health and fitness. The exercises develop and maintain the Residents cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and neurological systems, and can improve the independence of Residents around the care home and helps to make their daily living more comfortable and enjoyable. The content also helps manage conditions like arthritis and rheumatism.  

Sophie delivers the sessions to promote engagement for people living with a variety of health conditions such as dementia or sensory issues such as blindness or loss of hearing – adapting the sessions to cater to different abilities and care needs. This means that everyone can join in and enjoy the sessions. 

Many Residents are big fans of sport, having enjoyed the recent Wimbledon championship, and are looking forward to the upcoming Women’s Football World Cup. The activity sessions enable them to become sporting participators, helping them to develop a sense of accomplishment.  

Phillis Eatherington, Resident of Silverwood care home, said:
“I've had such fun. I enjoy the music and the exercises together; they make me want to just get up and dance!” 

Sophie Reader, Instructor with Gfitness, commented:
“We had a lovely exercise session with the Residents of Silverwood care home. They were very enthusiastic and really got involved.

“Even just a small amount of gentle exercise can have significant health benefits, whether helping mobility or improving mental outlook. I look forward to returning and continuing to help the Residents here.” 

Debra Meynell, Home Manager at Silverwood care home, said:
“The Residents all looked to be very happy and having a great time, and several have said to me how much better they felt after the session. I’m tempted to join in myself next time!”