Incredible £6,200 raise to help Ashton-Under-Lyne homeHC One’s Daisy Nook care home have received an amazing amount of help from Relatives and the community to raise funds for an interactive monitor. 

Before the pandemic, Home Manager Tracy Denton and the homes wellbeing coordinator Lindsey, decided to see if they could raise funds for an Interactive Monitor for their Residents to use at the Ashton-Under-Lyne home. 

Daisy Nook started to hold fund-raising events to reach the £5,000 target, with things such as raffles which were doing well. 

With the onset of the pandemic brought a stop the events being held in the home and everyone thought the fund-raising would have to stop.
However Tracy received a phone call from a special young man called Jacob one morning, which was about to change things.  

The six year old excitedly stated, as his Great Nan Teresa lived in the home, that he was going to complete a 10 mile bike ride along the canal to raise money for the fund! 

Jacob completed his bike ride with his dad and step brother and raised a marvellous £1,200 towards the fund. 

One of the Residents at the home commented “such a lovely little boy, to think what he has done for us, it is fantastic!”

Tracy and team were so thankful of what Jacob did, so they did a little research and found out he wanted a FIFA game so gave him a treat towards this as well as a certificate to say a huge ‘thank-you’.
The home also received an incredibly generous £1,000 donation from Robert Frost, who wanted to donate the money in memory of his late wife Teresa who was a Resident at the home. All of the staff want to send out a heartfelt thank-you to Robert, this means so much to the home. 

The grand total raised at the home is an unbelievable £6,200 smashing the original target! It just goes to show how much people can come together, pandemic or not, the love and support from Relatives and the community is always there. 

Everyone at Daisy Nook is very excited to get the monitor and put it to great use.