Intergeneration project is huge hit with Liverpool care home ResidentsAll Residents of Ash Court residential care home, in Knotty Ash, were overjoyed by the kindness bestowed upon them from the local community. 

A new intergeneration project had been arranged between Wellbeing Coordinator Natasha and Joanne Kennedy, who runs the Drive Foodbank on Finch Lane.  Joanne and her team arranged for gift bags to be given to all Residents; inside included a tasty box of chocolates as well as some personal gifts from children who attend education facilities in the local community. 

Joanne also spoilt Residents by providing them with extra stimulating resources for activities, including jigsaws, crossword books, colouring books, colouring pens and much more. Natasha was very pleased, “Residents will be busy for a long time having fun with their new materials!”

Also, this month, local children from East Prescot Road Nursery and Blackmoor Park Primary School surprised all of the wonderful Residents with some fabulous Easter gifts. 

The children from the nursery created some wonderful Easter cards for Residents and Blackmoor Park School wrote letters of hope for everyone. These wonderful and kind gifts were dropped off at the home by Joanne a few days before the Easter holidays. 

Natasha started the task of distributing these gift bags to all Residents who were overjoyed by the surprise, and were also overwhelmed by the beautifully written letters of hope and Easter cards that were made by all the children. One Resident said, “A lot of effort has gone into surprising us all. The children are so kind, I can’t stop smiling.”

Residents wanted to reply back to the letters of hope that they received, so Natasha, and fellow Colleagues Marlene, Ian and Jan S spent one to one time with Residents. They read out their letters to them and assisted Residents in writing back.

See pictured Residents Phyllis and Eric getting fully immersed in letter writing and looking at the pictures. 

Residents also posed for photographs with their gifts as they wanted to capture the kindness received with smiles, they hoped that the children will love their letters as much as they did. Everyone also enjoyed designing pictures to give to the nursery children which included some inspirational words of wisdom for these young children. 

Recently, Joanne kindly picked up the gifts which will be distributed to the children. 

Natasha commented, “Our Residents are really excited and looking forward to hearing some feedback from the children and really do hope that this Intergenerational project is the start of many wonderful interactions between the residents and local children in the community.”

Some very positive comments were made including:

“Resident's would love to meet all the children who were involved in this project as they've been so thoughtful and kind. Everyone has really enjoyed reading the letters of hope from the children as well as admiring the artwork from the nursery children.”