Its Cool to be Kind competition at Nottingham care homeThroughout November and December at Fosse Way View in Nottingham, which offers residential care, stories about acts of kindness have been shared and promoted by Children and Residents inspired by World Kindness Day.
Fosse Way View have partnered with Carnarvon Primary School with a main goal of promoting kindness to others. In line with World Kindness Day which came by on the 13th of November, they launched a “It’s Cool to be Kind” competition.
Year groups 1-6 were invited to nominate themselves or others for acts of kindness that they may have seen or carried out. The Residents at Fosse Way View would then go through all the entries and select their favourites. There was a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize to be won for each year group, and also an overall prize for the school. The activity took place over three weeks, Colleagues said afterwards how lovely it was to sit with the Residents with a cup of tea and share their own stories of kindness too.
One Resident who helped with reading through the children’s kindness letters praised the children who took part, Brenda, a Resident at the care home said, “I think its lovely the way the children have taken part, a lot of them are very understanding and kind to each other”.
Other Residents commented on how much they enjoyed reading through all of the nominations, hearing the children’s stories and a lot of them actually made them laugh! Another Resident went on to say that, “It is really wonderful to read about all of the kind things the are doing”.
Speaking with Liz, the Home Manager afterwards she said, “It’s great to work together with the local community, the Residents really enjoyed reading through the nominations and getting involved”.
Below are some of the stories from the year groups that were sent in.
Year 1 - We particularly liked a nomination for George who likes to cuddle and play with his Granny. Olivia is very helpful and helps her parents out in the garden, and Isaiah helps take care of his baby brother.
Year 2 - Archie Clevland has been nominated for being a fantastic friend, he has helped with homework, helped his friend when he fell over, shares his things and cheers his friend up when they are sad! Michael’s nomination was all about saying ‘please and thank you’ and being polite to people which we think is great value to have. Jack has been nominated because he makes funny faces which makes his friend laugh!
Year 3 - Kainen and his friend cleaned up lots of rubbish in the playground at dinner time, what a great way to look after the environment. Willow is kind to her friends and makes them laugh, when people want to play different games, she mixes them together and gets everyone involved. Evelyn is a kind and positive, we think being positive is important because it can help others be positive too!
Year 4 - Sophie always looks out for her friend’s and helps them when in need. Scarlett is always there for her friends when they are sad or hurt and Esther plays with her friends and is kind.
Year 5 - Scarlett always makes sure that other people are okay, and always stands up for others! Mia-Rose has been kind by making sure that others don’t feel left out and asks everyone to play. Charlie has been nominated for being an amazing friend, he helped his friend when he was bullied and always makes his friend smile and laugh.
Year 6 - Truly and his Mum went into town to help the homeless, taking them warm clothes, something to eat, cozy blankets and food for their dogs. Marisa, helped her grandad when he broke his back, she kept him company and helped him. James found a lot of money on the floor and helped get this back to the person who had lost it!