Jan helps out at Sheraton CourtA Resident at Sheraton Court, residential and residential memory care home, in Hartlepool has been giving a helping hand within the home. 

Jan, a Resident in the care home, has 1-2-1 sessions with the staff at Sheraton Court.

Jan has been helping in laundry, putting the clothes away and collecting the washing. Jan has been handing out the juice, tea and biscuits. Jan also really likes a cup of tea, when she was having a drink she shared stories and lovely memories of her and her husband.

Jan was so pleased with her 1-2-1 session; she was so pleased she got to help with the laundry.

“I love doing jobs!”, Jan said at the end of her session.
Carole Thomson, Care Home Manager, commented, “It is so lovely for the Residents to have the 1-2-1 sessions. Jan has really enjoyed herself.”