January activities from Stalybridge care homeAt Millbrook care home, in Stalybridge, Tameside, Cheese Lover’s Day was celebrated in style, consisting of a very popular cheese and wine afternoon, and the home have been up to much more including planning for the book club and a trip out to the shops. 

For Cheese Lover’s Day, which is celebrated on 20th January, Residents at the 46-bed residential care home each took time to taste all the different cheeses and wines that Colleagues had prepared for them, and everyone commented on how delicious they were. Some of Residents even asked for seconds!

One of the Residents remarked, “It’s a fun excuse to celebrate dairy with an array of cheeses to taste and enjoy.”

Claire Jones, Care Home Manager, commented, “Residents really enjoyed the cheese and wine day, who wouldn’t!?”

Afterwards, those involved got together in the lounge and talked to each other, reminiscing about the past and how much things have changed today. They also made plans for the home’s book club next week, where they have decided they are going to read the new book ‘Spare’ by Prince Harry and discuss the new book, the controversy, and where things have gone wrong. The audio book will be available for visually impaired Residents too so that everyone can join in. 

Later in the week, Colleagues arranged for a shopping trip to Marks and Spencer for two of Residents. At lunch they stopped at Wetherspoons and had a lovely meal where they talked about how great it was to go out for a little while, to shop and see what there is, and how they were glad the British weather has improved, and they can go out more frequently. 

Resident May commented, “Going out it’s my favourite thing to do!”