July news from Radcliffe care homeAnother very busy month at Rose Court residential, residential memory care, nursing and nursing memory care home, in Manchester, has kept everyone occupied; from Olympic celebrations to wine tasting and much more…

To celebrate the 2020 Olympic games, Rose Court had an Olympic Day for Colleagues and Residents. 

The events included floor tennis, where the Residents rolled the tennis ball using a racquet to each other, ‘Keepy Uppies’ with a balloon, and finally ‘shot putt’ using soft balls. 

The winners got a trophy and medals of gold, silver and bronze given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. 

Each unit at the home had their own competition and a lot of fun was had by all. 

The Residents really enjoy this activity because it enabled them to feel a part of the Olympic games which they have been watching as a home together. 

The staff engaged as well and there was some healthy competition. 

Throughout the day, the Residents were asking to complete different games and then when the home had the medal presentation, it gave the Residents a sense of achievement. 

Also, this month, on 18th July, a wine tasting event was held. Alison Porter, Wellbeing Coordinator, decided that she would hold a wine tasting session for Residents to pick their wine that they would like to have with their meals. 

So, she bought three different types of rose wine, covered them over and asked Residents to taste and score them from what they enjoyed the best. 

There was a stand-out winner, being Echo Falls Summer Berries. 

Residents enjoyed giving a choice and not knowing what they were tasting. 

Alison commented, “This could lead to our Residents picking what other items they like too. Great research!”