Keeping fit at Kirkwood Court care homeResidents at Kirkwood Court, residential and residential memory care home, in Newcastle, have been exercising to keep fit.

Burns Gym is an exercise company based in Glasgow and they have teamed up with HC-One to help and improve Resident’s fitness.

Burns Gym is run by two brothers Joe and Tony. They run their classes on Zoom which allows many other care homes to join in at once. 

The Residents have loved taking part in the exercise classes, which are on every Tuesday morning at 11am.

It is lovely for the Residents to watch Joe and Tony on the tv and copy their movements. Residents have been feeling more energised and some have said they are beginning to feel healthier 
after each of the sessions.

Residents are keen to keep the classes going as they really enjoy each session!

John Topping, a Resident, commented, “I feel younger and younger every time I join in with the class.

Another Resident, Pam Corr, remarked, “I enjoy the exercise class, it is a fun way to keep fit!”

It is great to see the Residents socialising whilst exercising and listening to music.

Care Home Manager, Angela Douglass, added, “It is a great way to get everyone exercising. You can really see the improvement it is having on the Residents.”