Kenton care home residents and colleagues celebrate two ‘lovely’ budgies and young puppy during Nati

HC-One’s Kirkwood Court – located in Kenton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne – has been celebrating National Pet Month throughout April to highlight two ‘lovely’ budgies and a young puppy, who bring joy to the lives of residents and their loved ones every day.

Kirkwood Court residents and colleagues showed their appreciation for two budgies, Kirky and Woody, and a one-year-old puppy, Roy, and they used Pet Month to commemorate all the joy that the animals bring to residents.

National Pet Month is a campaign run by the National Office of Animal Health – which dedicates 30-days from April 1, 2024 – to raise awareness of the importance being a responsible pet owner. Having a pet in the home can offer many benefits to the elderly, including therapeutic care and companionship.

Residents can improve their wellbeing by engaging with pets. Kirky and Woody make a huge difference every day to Kirkwood Court residents and colleagues.

Charlotte Lambert, Deputy Manager at Kirkwood Court, revealed that the pair of budgies are much-loved by residents. She also stated that Roy is a relative’s dog, who visits the home on a weekly basis.

Charlotte Lambert, Deputy Manager at Kirkwood Court, said:

“Our lovely budgie, Kirky, lives in his cage at the home’s entrance, and he spends most of his day happily sat in our tree and plant area in the main foyer. He receives regular visits throughout the day from residents, colleagues and visitors.


“Many of our residents enjoy having a cup of tea by his cage and will spend a lot of time chatting to him. We also have Roy, who is a relative’s dog that visits the home two to three times per week. Roy does his rounds of the home and likes to visit everyone.


“Of course, Roy sneaks a few biscuits in from each resident! He is a one-year-old and is still learning but he is very gentle. He enjoys spending time in the lounge with residents.”


Jim Lamb, resident at Kirkwood Court, commented:

“I love Kirky and Woody, we always talk to each other every morning! I like sitting with the budgies, and I enjoy a cup of coffee with them every day.”