Kind Eckington donation brings hours of creative funA family member of April Park residential care home, in Derbyshire, has kindly donated some beautiful water painting books for Residents and it has certainly kept everyone busy. 

Leanne Carlton, who is a family member of a Colleague, has donated 30 water painting books for Residents.  The Residents have really enjoyed the painting, which consisted of just using water to show the colours on the pages. All Residents could make brightly coloured pictures that they can hang on their walls.

Marjorie, Pat, Jenny and Margaret (all pictured) said it was a lovely thought and enjoyed guessing which colours came up when the water was applied. 

Alison Cossey, Care Home Manager, commented, “Being part of the community and including Relatives of both Residents and staff is at the heart of April Park and this brought hours of fun that everyone can do.”